AFM provides quick response and expert solutions for managing the airworthiness compliance of your fleet, and oversite of your drone technology.

In step with the latest regulations, we are a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation, as well as a full-service consultancy with a reputation for putting together smart solutions for operators that encompass the provision of operations and maintenance software, satellite tracking, data logging, and remote access to these tools at all times, across the Asia Pacific region.

Our Team

AFM is a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) with offices in Cairns, Australia & New Zealand, that support and ensure the ongoing maintenance compliance and obligations of our commercial operators - predominantly in Papua New Guinea and the Asia/ Pacific.  With a trusted experience that operating for over a decade in the region confers, our extensively qualified staff offers world class, efficient service and solution delivery.

The AFM staff offer a comprehensive range of skillsets and broad ranging aviation experience, to provide our clients with the security and reassurance that they’re in good hands. We have extensive management and hands-on experience for both fixed and rotary wing categories and preserve excellent and well-established working relationships with the regulators in our region.



With over 35 years’ in aviation maintenance, Scott is a respected and accomplished aviation professional. His previous roles included senior engineering and management positions, until Scott identified a lack of specialist services available to aviation operators in PNG and Australia, and ventured out in 2008 to create his own consultancy company, Air Fleet Management (AFM) to fill that void.  Having remained ‘hands on’ throughout his career, he is a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) and holder of various other authorisations such as Weight & Balance and Inspection Authorisation (IA).

Through a keen interest, numerous courses and the attainment of a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering Degree, he has the knowledge and proven ability to provide innovative solutions, bringing positive benefits, to the operator.  Areas of expertise:

  • Maintenance Control
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Weight & balance
  • System development and refinement
  • Aircraft certification

Foundation Board Member – Aviation Australia’s Cairns Aviation Skills Centre



An AFM partner since 2018, Aaron has over 25 years fixed and rotary wing maintenance experience, consisting of technical training in the RNZAF, as well as heavy maintenance contracting in Europe. Additionally, Aaron possesses an expertise in business management, that began with the start-up of his own successful MRO and NZQ,  Accredited Training School and was further honed by his creation of a separate, award-winning business sitting outside of aviation.

It’s Aaron’s passion for implementing modern systems to existing business models, along with his senior management skills and analysis expertise, that serve to enhance AFM’s capacity to offer a high level of project management and bespoke solutions to our clients. Current Inspection Authority (IA) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licenses (LAME) are held for New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Fiji Islands.

Areas of expertise:

  • Company Systems and Process analysis
  • Major Rebuild and Project oversight
  • Aircraft Auditing and Liability feedback
  • Software Implementation


  • Continuing Airworthiness Managers/ LAME's
  • Senior Maintenance Planner
  • Technical Records Officer
  • Administration Officer
  • Accounts Officer


  • CAA/ CASA Delegates for EO's, SOM's, AMP's, MEL's and CofA's
  • Aviation legal advisors
  • Subject matter experts
  • Software Developers